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Trailer for Writing Break, an award-winning podcast for writers and readers featuring writing tips, publishing news, and more.

Rosemi Mederos:

Writing Break is a podcast for anyone who likes reading, writing, and trips to the bookstore.

This weekly podcast is hosted by me, America’s Editor. I’m a publishing manager and book editor with two decades of publishing and editing experience.

Every episode of Writing Break will contain publishing news and writing tips. There will also be some bonus episodes you won’t want to miss.

This show is called Writing Break because each episode is meant to be a brief intermission before getting back to work. So, I will do my best to keep the episodes about fifteen minutes long.

We can’t always make it to the bookstore or library as often as we’d like, but we will visit a bookstore each episode.

We’ll also feature an author each episode, and that could even be you.

Listening to Writing Break will make you a better, more informed writer. Is that too bold of a statement? Listen to a few episodes, and decide for yourself.

Visit or look for Writing Break on your preferred podcast app.

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Writing Break
An award-winning podcast for writers and readers

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Rosemi is the founder of America's Editor, a book editing company.